Friday, January 21, 2011


Winston's sweet little friend, Carly, wrote him this precious letter, after she found out he was going to have a new sister someday!!!  When I read it...I just is so dear and from the heart!!  Since you can't really read it in the is what it says (just the way it is written):

Dear Winston
I heard about your baby sister!!! Yea, so exiting!!! I'm thrilied for you! You will love her and be a great brother! You will take care of her. God has blessed you with a sister. And you will treausre her. I am praying over her. The bible says "Love never fails." Your love for her will never fail.  You are a treasure to God also, and always will be.  Your sister is a treasure and so are you! When she gets older you will probly get mad at her sometimes, that's normal! Always remember that "Love never fails" and that your love for her will never fail.  I'm praying!  Have a good day!  Carly

Isn't that the sweetest letter...oh, to love like a child!!



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  1. Hi christy, this is Carly! Thank you for posting this! I am praying! have a n ice day@!! god bless you!


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