Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Answering More Questions

Many have asked us what agency we were using and where does the money go? So I thought I would use this post to answer those two questions.  We are going to use Dillon International as our adoption agency.  After lots of research, we feel they are the best fit for us.  They are based out of Tulsa, which is a huge bonus, and they have great ratings and reviews.  Plus, there is another couple in Ada using them.  They are ahead of us, in the process, so it is nice to learn from them.

We are completing application one this week and hope to have it in the mail by Friday!! This part is simple…but it will be nice to have something marked off the list!

Below are the steps and estimated costs it will take to bring our princess home.

  1. Submit application one $50
  2. Watch an on-line pre-adoption workshop video
  3. Complete and submit application two $300
  4. Attend an international adoption seminar/counseling/training in Tulsa $120
  5. Approval of application-program management fee part one $3500
  6. Home study $1500
  7. USCIS fingerprints and fees $900
  8. Approval of fingerprints/program management fee part two $3500
  9. Refundable deposit after home study approval $500
  10. Begin dossier and pay fees related $900
  11. Receive referral (our child) and accept $2225
  12. Paperwork submitted on acceptance of child and about 2 months later the court date is assigned.  We then travel to Ethiopia for court and will be able to meet our girl. (Travel and accommodation expenses can vary in cost $3800-$5500 for both parents)
  13. Child stays in Ethiopia and we return to the US
  14. Child’s medical exam, US Visa and other expenses $800-$1200
  15. 6-8 weeks later we return to Ethiopia to bring our daughter home. (Travel and accommodation expenses can vary in cost $3800-$5500 for both parents and child)
  16. Final fees paid in country during last trip $4500
  17. Post placement home studies at three, six and twelve months $1400

Total Time Range (from submission of application to bringing child home) 9-15 months
Total Cost Range $26, 295-$30,000

As you can see, this process is lengthy and expensive…but so worth it!!!  We know that God is in complete control so every detail is already taken care of…we just have to be patient.  Keep praying for our girl and us!!! 

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