Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some pics from the Ghana trip!

Enjoy a few of our pictures from the trip!
Hello Africa!

Right after Ghana court!

First ever finger and toe painting.

Bibles in a church we visited where the pastor/grandfather is raising about about 15 grandkids. 4 are about to have a forever family! 

How they carry babies in Ghana.

Red Red (fried plantain, beans in red sauce and fish)

Some gorgeous orphan kids we met.

Pounding fufu.  Common Ghanaian dish served with soup.

The old British sea wall near the lighthouse in Accra.  This is where they would load the slave boats and row them out to waiting larger British ships.

Fishing village built right up against the sea wall.  See the handmade boats they are working on.

Church kids at the zoo.  "Momma, we went to the zoo today and saw lions, and monkeys, and white people!!"

Zoo safety...


  1. Congrats on your beautiful girl! I'm heading home from Ghana in a few hours with ours forever! The backflipping monkey's at the zoo are truly the best. Blessings, Kourtney

  2. Oh my...these are such Amazing pictures!!! the black and white ones gave me chills...honestly looks like it was taken 100 yrs ago! I am SO overjoyed for you guys and am so glad God placed you in our lives to be on this journey with. I cannot wait till Zoey and our little man get to play together...I wonder if she will remember him from the picture? Love you guys!!!!!

  3. Awe! She is so cute, and it looks like you guys had a great time!!:)


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