Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost home!

Awesome news yesterday!  Our I-600 paperwork at US Embassy in Ghana was approved!  We are now moving in the final phase (visa approval) of bringing Zoey home.  Again, we’re not sure how long.  The I-600 portion we were told to anticipate at least 60 days or more, but in reality ended up taking less than 30. For these visa approvals they have told us to prepare for 6 weeks!  After a year and a half journey that doesn’t seem so long or “that’s no step for a stepper” we would say where I grew up! 
We desperately want her here before her June 4th birthday!  Wyatt’s b-day is June 3rd and he already has the half rock  & roll half princess party planned…right down to the DJ!  Continue to pray everyone, she’s almost home!


  1. So exciting Christy!!! I also think it is so funny how the dates in both our adoptions seem to be significant with eachother...the day Zoey officially became yours was the day we officially accepted Fetinet's referral and while we were sitting in court in Ethiopia, you were finding out your I-600 cleared, so now I will pray that when her visa clears we will get our embassy clearance! Love being on this journey with you and so excited that our children ill be home this summer! Oh also my birthday is June 4th too so she is extra cool in my gemini twin :)

  2. Ooops, I should have said Christy AND Tyson...sorry :)


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