Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unknown delays!!

Just a short update because many of you have been asking and we admittedly have been somewhat vague.  Last Monday the 14th was Zoey’s visa interview at the U.S. Embassy with United States Immigration officials.  We had fully expected to interview on Monday, have the visa printed on Friday and then we would be there to pick her up and bring her home on Saturday, as has been the norm with the other adopting families.  As you can tell, this did not happen.
We’ve been vague because the details given to us have been unclear.  We were told we supplied all the documentation required, they did not want to interview any of the family that were present (some rode a bus all night from a very remote part of Africa) and they would not allow us to set up a return appointment.  We were only left with a blank temporary denial form with a hand written “Will Call” on it.  That’s it!  Literally that’s all we know!  Peter, our POA in country, has followed up but no answer.
That’s really all we have. Frustration, tension and stress is high.  We could use all of your prayers.


  1. Oh sweet friend, my prayers are yours! May God's mysterious shalom settle in and chase out the anxiety.

  2. Praying her home daily Brown family!!! Love you guys!


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