Friday, October 21, 2011

God's Fingerprints!!!

To catch the full effect of this post and see the complete picture of how God works and the beauty of his timing you need to read Christy’s post from October 17th first.
It all started at the David Crowder, Gungor and John Mark McMillan concert. God was moving and so alive in all of us that rode up there together that night. I believe each of us has our own beautiful story to tell. This is what came out of ours!
Sunday night – Moving, mind blowing concert that lasted until 11:30pm! Our heads hit the pillow at 2:30am – God was working, God was preparing (as detailed by Christy’s post).
Monday – 1pm Christy calls me and asks me to read her post. She told me about this moment she had with God and really felt it was the two of them conversing. So she kept it to herself until she shared her heart on this blog. Truly beautiful! She then says to me, “Ty, I really feel her (Zoey) presence right now.”
3:25pm I’m going through emails looking for the time and location of the Cub Scout meeting when I run across an email from LAST THURSDAY and the first sentence in the preview reads,“Dear Ghana families, I have received a referral of a little girl, birth date June 4th 2006…” The shakes started instantly, because our youngest son Wyatt’s birthday is June 3rd 2004. Immediately I called our representative at the adoption agency and said,“Jynger, I think you have my daughter!” She says, “Tyson are you serious? You haven’t seen anything on her yet but you’re giving me chills. I have two pictures and her story. I’ll send them right now!!”
3:35pm In a panic I gathered up my things at work to head home and tell Christy. After minutes of searching for my keys I realized I had locked them in my truck, ha, not to be detoured…hidden key! Crap, running out of gas, literally sputtered into gas station and put $2.00 in cause I figured I could get home on that. Pulled out of gas station, in front of oncoming traffic and half way into an intersection. I think to myself, “Huh, when did they put this four lane state highway and stop light in between me and getting home?? The devil is out to stop this adoption!!”
3:40pm One block from home I feel my phone vibrate from an incoming email. I open to see for the first time the beautiful face of my daughter. Crap again, I’m crying so I can’t see to drive!
3:44pm Me: Christy where are you?
Christy: Picking up the boys from school.
Me: Come home now.
Christy: Why what’s wrong?
Me: I think I have Zoey!
Christy: No! How?? No you don’t!! HOW?? Don’t kid me like that??
Christy: [Sound of uncontrollable crying.]
Winston:“Momma, what’s wrong? Did Nana die?”
Christy get’s home and sees the picture of this beautiful 5 year old girl sitting on a stool kicking her foot up grinning from ear to ear in her little white skirt and says,“That’s her! That’s her! See I told you she’d be full of energy. Call Jynger now, CALL HER, CALL HER!”
3:57 Upon my third call to the receptionist at the adoption agency, “Ma’am I’m not being rude, but I’ll letting you know now that I’ll be calling every 30 seconds until I get hold of Jynger.” Receptionist, “I understand sir.”
3:59 “Jynger it’s her! You have our daughter!!”
Friends and family that have been following us, it’s her, it’s really her! Amazing the symphony that God orchestrates and when He opens the window of heaven He opens it all the way!
Christy said to me, “If you would have opened up that email last Thursday, we would have still got Zoey, but that was not the way God wanted the story to be told.” It’s now Wednesday and each day has been a new surprise of blessing. I can’t detail them all because I’ll be typing forever…I’m not really even going to do much grammar check and editing because I want to get his news out (so English teacher friends and fam don’t judge me)! Stories of blessing come in later days but quickly I can say, she (Zoey) found out about us and she smiled and she wanted to see pictures!
I’ll close with a scripture that our friend T.A. sent right after she heard the news.
Psalm 139
13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be


  1. Love it! I can't wait to share in your excitement as a community Brown family!

  2. We're pulling for you all AND Zoey. Wow. We have been there and know exactly how you feel. Can't wait until you get her home. Keep us informed. Know we love you guys & are thinking of you--sending up positive vibes for sure! Mary Ann & Eldon (& Adina)


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