Friday, October 14, 2011

Home Study Fun!!

This past Saturday we finished up our home study visit. WooHoo...we are getting closer!! We met with our assigned social worker in September, on neutral ground, and then she came to our home last Saturday. The boys were excited to meet her...I believe it made them feel they were doing their part. They loved showing her around the house and visiting with her. During one part of the visit...she was asking if anyone smoked, in the home, and of course Ty and I replied no. Well, Wyatt had a different answer...he went on to say, "Mom, remember Uncle Tommy did last thanksgiving." Oh my word, Wyatt!!! So I had to kindly remind him that yes, Uncle Tommy smokes...but it wasn't in our house...he smoked outside and he doesn't live here, anyway. Then right after that under his breath he asked, "Don't you want to know if anyone drinks?" LUCKILY, she didn't hear him. You never know what ol' Wyatt will say...gotta love that boy. He is all about the shock and awe...I guess I'm paying for my childhood behavior...I was the same way...still am, sometimes!! It was a great day and felt so good to check it off the list. She emailed us last night with some questions because she was working on the write up...yay!!!! Once we have the complete home study, we will then send in our paperwork for the I-600A. This form is the key to processing the international adoption and for processing the immigration of the adopted child. Basically, more red tape...but so worth it!!! So today, CeLeBrAtE with Us...we are one step closer to our baby girl!!!

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  1. So happy for yal!!!! And anxious to meet the newest addition to your beautiful family! Love the things our little one's say...even though it's at the craziest moments. :) love yal!


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