Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Says God Can't Teach You Something At A Bar?

Last night I went to a David Crowder concert, at Cains Ballroom.  Now for those of you who don’t know…Cains is an old ballroom/bar.  Legends have played there…Patsy Cline, Bob Wills…I mean legends.  It is a really old place and I believe it’s listed as a historical landmark or building.  It was so awesome to be praising God in a packed bar…such a neat night.  BUT during this super night God brought me to my knees. (not literally…wasn’t enough room but if their would have been room I would have been on them) One of DC’s opening bands was Gungor… this man is a musical genius.  He started playing one of my favorite songs, “You Make Beautiful Things” Every time I hear this song I start crying…I love it so.  But last night God spoke to me through this song like never before.   For nine months God has changed me.  If you were to ask people who were close to me…they would probably say that I’m not the same.  I’m sure they would say that I’ve become withdrawn, serious, heartbroken…almost like a sadness has taken over me.  I have felt this…I have felt very alone and wondered what was going on.  Most mornings I get up and my heart hurts…it aches.  It’s very hard to describe to others so I keep it to myself and take it to God.  Through this I have drawn so close to our Heavenly Father and I love that so.  But I still didn’t know what was going on with me till last night…God told me!!!  As I type this now, I am crying. God is so beautiful and He shows His glory in such Awesome ways.  Last night while singing that song He said to me, “I have taken you through these months of pain and abandonment so that you, Zoey’s earthly mom, will empathize with her.  So you will know her pain…of being left alone…abandoned…lost…hurt…sad. You know I only make beautiful things and I have allowed you to be a part of her beautiful story!!!”  Oh, it was so profound.  He has been preparing me to really relate to my daughter.  Isn’t He Amazing!!!!  He knows her heartbreaking pain and how can I help her if I can’t feel some of that pain myself?It just takes my breath away…He is the conductor of a beautiful orchestra. 

Listen to this song...let it penetrate you soul!! While listening to the words...think of our Zoey Love...He is making her new...He is taking away her pain...He making her beautiful!!

Oh, How I Love Him!!!

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